We are a small firm made up of people who have chosen to live in a small town. However, this does not mean we have a "small town" mentality. We believe that you have the right to obtain the absolute best legal services in the State of Colorado and endeavor to give you that service.

The lawyers in our firm have been living and practicing in Colorado since 1995 and on the Western Slope since 1999. We work hard for hard working people. We are always seeking clients for life and want to work with people who are always trying to do the right and decent thing within the legal framework. What does this mean? It means we want to work with good people at heart. While we acknowledge that nobody is perfect, we are always trying to improve upon ourselves and our clients through the work that we do.

Sometimes that’s difficult. That’s the way it is. Life can be complex. The law can be complex. Nonetheless, we seek to utilize our knowledge and our skills in order to help our clients and help the community that we live in. How do we apply this to the practice of law? An example might be in a criminal case if a person is accused of a crime arising out of drug and/or alcohol dependency issues, The Barsness Law Firm, P.C., may, in conjunction with defending the criminal case, seek to assist a client in getting into an appropriate treatment program.

How might this apply in a civil case? If the client is taking one position but we believe the law doesn’t support that position, it includes the law firm advising the client what the law would support and encouraging the client to govern themselves according to how the law would be applicable. How might that apply to a personal injury case? The Barsness Law Firm, P.C., philosophy is that an injured person should be entitled to be compensated for the losses which they sustained as a result of a personal injury case. That likely includes payment for medical bills, payment for pain and suffering, and other economic losses and/or payment for impairment.

Oftentimes, in today’s society, plaintiffs are portrayed as "money hungry" and/or seeking payment from the "litigation lotto." At The Barsness Law Firm, P.C., we sincerely believe that people who have been injured as a result of inappropriate actions of others are entitled to be compensated. Payments to these individuals is not a "get rich quick" scheme. In the event a person or persons were to ask The Barsness Law Firm, P.C., to ask for something to which they’re not likely entitled, The Barsness Law Firm, P.C., would encourage the person to simply seek what they are entitled to within their rights. In no situation should a person be seeking more than they are entitled to. Likewise, an individual should not be willing to take less than they are entitled to. The Barsness Law Firm, P.C., should seek just those amounts of money to which the victim of a crime and/or personal injury is entitled.