Civil Litigation

The Barsness Law Firm, P.C., regularly represents parties in civil litigation, including contract disputes, plaintiff representation and defense of lawsuits.

Much of The Barsness Law Firm, P.C. practice, both in the criminal court system as well as the civil court system, involves litigation. The Barsness Law Firm, P.C. is in Court regularly and, as a result, is very comfortable in a courtroom. Nonetheless, comfort in the courtroom does not necessarily bring results. Instead, it is proper preparation of each case, knowing the facts and researching how the law would apply to those facts prior to going into a courtroom in order to best advise the client of their risks and potential benefits of a court action. As a result of proper preparation, a client has a much better feel for what a likely outcome might be and can make appropriate decisions as to whether to resolve the case and/or litigate a matter further.